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Deskdesign is a small designstudio run by Olof Fredrikze - living in the small Dutch town of Heemstede near Amsterdam.
Most designers work by their own name but I decided to take a company name because I sometimes do work with some skilful colleagues. Nevertheless, Deskdesign is just me, not we.

Web design skills

I love to make beautiful, functional websites. After years of hand coding in HTML, I was tempted to switch to more dynamic websites and CMS-driven sites. Using one of the nicest micro CMSses Perch and the most flexible CMS of the moment, WordPress in supported by the Genesis framework and Dynamik for a fast and stable foundation and to keep the sites easy to manage for the clients.

Graphic design skills

Graphic design is everywhere. Every road sign, milk carton or novel is designed with the user  in mind. This is what fascinates me since the time that I spend my after school hours under my fathers desk who too was a graphic designer, asking him questions. But he lived in the pre-computer era, designing with glue, scissors and bottles of Chinese ink. The main skills are more or less similar: information has to be organised in a way that it emphasises the meaning of the words and images and, of course, has a pleasant look. Nowadays I use a computer and very sophisticated software to get this task done.


Images are even more omnipresent than design. Millions of images are filling up your view. Wherever you look - images tell you a message. Images can change your opinion, Powerful images have stopped presidents from getting on with the war, images could raise millions of dollars for aid and images can trigger your memories in such a way that it even wake up a scent from the past.

I am trained as a professional photographer but it is only a small part of my professional business. Having learned to think in images, colours, contrasts and having knowledge of the possibilities of photography is a big bonus for a graphic designer. And for you: it comes with the package.

Take a look at my portfolio page or contact me for more information. Maybe  I can help you with your business.

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